September 7, 2017


Passage: Deuteronomy 11:31; 12:10; 27:2; Joshua 3:15; 2:24

DESTINY TRANSFORMATION CONFERENCE                        Sunday 27/08/2017

Before you enter into the promised land, there is a Jordan to cross and you need God's wonder to cross it.

Jordan represents challenges

Joshua 3:15.

Comparison Between Red Sea and Jordan.

Crossing the Red Sea represents the deliverance of Isreal from Egypt. It also represents the beginning of wilderness life

Crossing Jordan represents the end to wilderness life. It is the beginning of fulfilment, possessions, abundance, a place of rest and entering into God's promise for your life. It represents Canaan.

Wilderness is a time of great tribulation, wandering, struggle and limited supply.


How Do You Cross Jordan:

1. You need the presence of God.
Joshua 3:8.

You must not enter Jordan empty handed but carry the presence of the Lord. It is the presence of God that brings His wonders. The Ark represents the presence of God.

2. You must take a step.

Josh 3:8.

God will show up in your situation when you take a step of faith.

Until you step out, God will not step out for you.

You cannot drown in your challenges as long as you set your eyes on God.


How Do You Get The Presence of God:

1. Righteous Living.

Isaiah 59:1.

Dont live your life recklessly.

2. Learn to praise Him. Psalm 22:3.

Sing unto the Lord despite your needs, lacks and challenges.

2 Chronicles 20:22.

3. Get the Word of God.

John 1:1.

When you get the word, you get God. Where the word of the Lord is, there is power.

1Kings 8:9.

4. Sacrifice.
When you sacrifice unto the Lord, you cannot but get the presence of God.

1Kings 3:3-4.

Sacrifice is not something that is comfortable for you. It is something that is so precious to you or will cost you a lot.

5. Love God.

When you love God, He will come to you.

1Kings 3:3.

When you love the Lord with your heart, you will love your neighbours.

6. Get into a Congregation of Believers.

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